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Household insurance provides comprehensive protection for the household contents in your family home. This type of insurance generally includes household contents insurance and personal liability insurance. The former covers cost of loss and damage to household contents, while the latter provides indemnity for accidental death or body injury of third party or accidental loss or damage to third party property.


Household insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing the contents of your home if they are lost or damaged due to fires, theft, typhoons, heavy rainfall, etc. Household contents include furniture, electrical appliances, personal belongings, electronic devices, and valuable items. Whether your home is damaged by an accident  or natural disaster, a household insurance plan provides financial peace of mind by covering your loss as stated in the policy.


Household insurance can still be relevant even if you're not a landlord. If you are tenant, you can still purchase household contents insurance to cover your possessions.


The premium of household insurance is calculated based on the gross floor area and type of premise. Higher premiums will be charged for larger flats.


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