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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mainly divided into single trip and annual policies. The scope of coverage is similar and it is convenient to purchase travel insurance online.


Nowadays, travel insurance plans often go beyond providing basic coverage against personal accidents, medical expenses, loss of (luggage) property and travel delays/disruption. Some plans also cover loss of electronic devices, outdoor sports, and any vehicle rental excess that may be incurred during self-driving tours to meet the various needs of policyholders.


Single Trip Travel Insurance


Single trip travel insurance offers one-off coverage for the policyholders and their family on a single trip with a maximum trip duration of 180 days. Regardless of whether you are planning for a short or long-haul holiday, Our single trip travel insurance provides a number of plan options to cover you in the event you get injured or fall ill during the journey. It offers you peace of mind so you can relax, enjoy the scenic views and have fun.


Annual Travel Insurance



Annual travel insurance is specially designed for frequent travellers. With a one-off purchase every year, travellers are offered protection all year round for better value for money. The maximum duration of each trip is 90 days.


In other words, for customers who make multiple trips abroad in a year, annual travel insurance is a better and more cost-efficient option. Policyholders can enjoy travelling around the world at any time with a one-time purchase.


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