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Domestic helper insurance is basically a package of cover for employers’ liability to domestic helpers and employees’ benefits. Basic employees’ compensation insurance for domestic helper covers compensation in the event that domestic helpers are injured at work. The coverage includes medical expenses, personal accident benefits, and third-party liabilities. In addition, compensation will be provided to cover the cost of returning the domestic helper or their remains to their home country in the event of their death or contract termination due to injury or illness.


Employers are responsible for acquiring appropriate employees’ compensation insurance for their domestic helpers. In the event that your domestic helper is injured or sick, domestic helper insurance will cover the medical fees so both you and your domestic helper need not to worry about any unexpected medical expenses that may arise.


Domestic helper insurance also covers several other areas to offer employers additional financial security. The common benefits include a temporary domestic helper allowance to the insured householder in the event of the domestic helper’s hospitalisation for a specific period of time. Other urgent costs, such as the cost of replacing the domestic helper in the event of his or her leaving the insured without notice, disability or death, will also be reimbursed.


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