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Pleasure Craft Insurance

Pleasure craft insurance covers all financial loss due to theft, malicious damage, latent defect, repairer's negligence, third-party liability, fires, poor weather, lightning, or piracy. You can enjoy sailing with peace of mind.


Pleasure craft insurance also covers damage to other properties and accidental injury caused to other people during the boat trip. The plan can be customised to suit the needs of the insured. Some plans also cover relocation, salvage, search, vessel inspection, and motor cleaning expenses when the craft is damaged or in distress.


一般保险资讯由康宏理财服务有限公司(香港保险业监管局持牌保险经纪公司 (牌照号码: FB1360) 以及强制性公积金计划管理局註册强积金中介人 (强积金註册编号: IC000105))及/或康宏理财策划有限公司提供(香港保险业监管局持牌保险经纪公司 (牌照号码: FB1246))。

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