Broad Vision Meticulous Care

perform is a premier financial planning team of Convoy Global Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1019). Our one-stop integrated money management platform provides a wide range and all-around services including insurance and MPF (provided by OnePlatform Wealth Management Limited), funds  (provided by OnePlatform Asset Management Limited), securities (provided by OnePlatform Securities Limited), mortgage services (provided by Hong Kong Credit Corporation Limited) and international properties (provided by OnePlatform International Property Limited, excluding Hong Kong properties).

perform is dedicated to providing privileged financial planning services to high net worth customers.  As your life companion, we shall stand by you throughout your wealth journey to provide personalized and customized services. To accommodate your financial needs across different stages of life, we shall make timely review to keep you on track towards achieving your life goals while paving the way to an exceptional and worry-free life.

Unrivalled wealth management experience

Leveraging our professional expertise and a thorough understanding of your financial goals, we formulate highly personalised and the most appropriate financial plan options. The financial plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it remains responsive to your needs at different life stages.

Comprehensive wealth management platform

perform collaborates with more than 20 insurers and over 40 fund houses, providing customers with more than 600 individual life insurance plans, 180 general insurance plans and close to 1,000 fund options. perform also offers a full suite of financial products and services including MPF, securities, mortgages and international properties.

Your life planning companion

We pledge to be your life companion by accompanying you on your journey with smart wealth management solutions and regular reviews of your financial plan to keep it responsive to your objectives at different life stages. This way, we will ensure your money works smarter as you work harder to pursue your desired life.

If you have any enquiries or complaints, please contact via +852 3601 8888 or email to [email protected]. You will be served soon.  

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