About Convoy

Convoy Global Holdings Limited (“Convoy” or “the Group”) is a homegrown diversified financial institution with operations in Hong Kong and mainland China. Since its establishment in 1993, Convoy has actively expanded from its core business of financial advisory to become a diversified business encompassing a financial business services platform, FinTech, healthcare and retail. With its full suite of product and service offerings, the Group is committed to serving the needs of both retail and corporate customers.
The Group’s financial advisory business is provided by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Convoy Financial Services Limited (“CFS”)1 . As one of the most established financial advisory firms in Hong Kong and the South China region, the advisor team of CFS upholds the vital brand philosophy, “all-caring, all-knowing, and all-round”. The elite team offers customers tailor-made and the most appropriate financial solutions.
Digital technology opens up business opportunities for the financial industry. Capitalising on its leading strengths, Convoy has launched a brand-new financial business services platform business, OnePlatform. A technologically enabled, “all-in-one” wealth management solution with a comprehensive range of financial products and services2, OnePlatform is powering financial business easy as 123 by offering all-round sales collaboration services to financial institutions and wealth management professionals.
The Group has also set up Tandem, a pioneering one-stop digital health and wealth FinTech platform. It harnesses the power of state-of-the-art technology to analyse and compare investment products on the market. Specially designed to offer diversified information on a user’s physical and financial health, TANDEM helps to protect people’s health and wealth. In addition, Convoy has established a premier financial planning team, perform. Leveraging on its innovative hybrid advisory model which combines data analysis with highly attentive human care, perform provides privileged financial planning services to high net worth customers.
Convoy will continue to leverage FinTech innovation and collaborate with strategic partners including CurrencyFair, Nutmeg, Ztore and HCMPS Healthcare to integrate the Group’s services into people’s daily lives and meet the varying needs of its customers. Convoy helps people achieve their goals across different life stages to strive for a beautiful future.

Three pillars of our brand philosophy


Convoy’s professional team is fully devoted to providing customers with top-class and customised financial planning services, helping them make financial decisions more easily;


Convoy’s talented team of financial advisors offers customers professional and forward-looking financial analysis, helping them to continuously grow their wealth;


Convoy aggregates a wide range of products and services from our network of business partners.

If you have any enquiries please contact us by phone at +852 3601 3601 or email at [email protected].


1. Insurance Broker Company Licence No.: FB1360; MPF Registration No.: IC000105
2. Covering insurance/MPF products and services (provided by OnePlatform Wealth Management Limited, Insurance Broker Company Licence No.: FB1452 / MPF Registration No.: IC000579), fund products and services (provided by OnePlatform Asset Management Limited, SFC CE No.: AFQ784), securities products and services (provided by OnePlatform Securities Limited, SFC CE No.: ABK353) and other products and services (provided by subsidiaries of Convoy Global Holdings Limited)


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